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Colorado: The Best of Rocky Mountain National Park

I’ve been to Colorado quite a bit. It is practically my second home at this point. As such, it only makes sense that I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). RMNP is just west of Estes Park, Colorado…

4 Days in Puerto Rico

We chose Fajardo as our vacation spot. Fajardo is a small city of the east coast of Puerto Rico. It is very close to the bioluminescent bay, the marina (if you plan on taking the ferry or a private charter to one of the…

Iceland in the Winter (Do’s and Don’ts) – Part 1

Most people don’t think to travel to Iceland in the winter, and I’m not sure why. My guess is that the idea of going to a place with the word “Ice” in the name during the dead of winter doesn’t exactly sound appealing. But…

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