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Spain Update # 1: Things I Love About Living in Spain

Spain is great for many reasons. Today I want to write about what I love about it! There are some unique things about this place that I’ve noticed are different than anywhere we’ve lived before, so I’ve itemized those differences below. Really quick note!…

What I Learned from the Stress of Moving Across the World

Well here we are, in Barcelona, soaking in that sunshine. The dust has settled, and we are finally able to reflect on what has happened and how far we’ve come. I won’t lie to anyone and tell them it’s easy moving across the world…

An Open Letter: Why We are Moving to Spain

Almost everyone at this point in my life knows I’m moving to Spain. I’ve received a lot of questions on the move. Why? What will you be doing? Aren’t you scared? Here’s the skinny… Estes park is a great town. It has some of…

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