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Spain Update #10: To All Those Boys…

Let’s talk about DATING. Navigating the cruel and crazy beast that is dating can honestly be exhausting. It is fun, but sometimes it’s also the worst. As an extrovert, I really enjoy meeting new people, but it can be hard to put yourself out… Continue Reading “Spain Update #10: To All Those Boys…”

Spain Update #9: Just Keep Trying

For awhile now, I’ve been beating myself up for not having every aspect of my life organized and together. I haven’t been focusing enough on school, or I need to apply more hours at my job – I need to walk my dogs more,… Continue Reading “Spain Update #9: Just Keep Trying”

Spain Update #8: Joy Thieves & the Plight of the Vulnerable

Okay friends, here it goes. Recently something happened to me that threatened to break my spirit. The person involved was what I like to refer to as a: Joy Thief. As with most difficult situations, I decided to figure out what I learned from… Continue Reading “Spain Update #8: Joy Thieves & the Plight of the Vulnerable”

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