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I have had a lot of people tell me lately that they think self-love is the most important factor when trying to improve their lives and be happy. I couldn’t agree more with this! But it is easy to say self-love is important and… Continue Reading “Self-Love”

2019: A Decade Worth of Reflection.

When I look at who I was ten years ago, I see a young, clueless girl. Always overstressed, I had to be perfect at everything. I had to get this new adulting thing down! Super responsible, always working really hard. I was too tough… Continue Reading “2019: A Decade Worth of Reflection.”

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

If you’re like me, you are super hard on yourself. You always want to be the best, do your best – and the truth is that it’s impossible to be perfect. When we aren’t perfect, it’s easy to beat ourselves up about things. But… Continue Reading “Stop Being So Hard On Yourself”

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