Spain Update #9: Just Keep Trying

For awhile now, I’ve been beating myself up for not having every aspect of my life organized and together. I haven’t been focusing enough on school, or I need to apply more hours at my job – I need to walk my dogs more, clean my apartment, be better with dating, write more, or complete my English teaching certification. 

Then, today I had a breakthrough that sent me through the roof with empowerment! Now, before I can get to the point, it’s important I give you a little background. Story time…

For months, I have been working on a massive project at my job, one I started out knowing NOTHING about. It deals with analyzing complex data, automating the systems and processes using API and a programming language called Python, then creating a database to relate and tie everything together. (I’m from a finance background, for reference, and definitely not a programmer or a database admin.) After numerous dead ends and attempting to seek help from WAY TOO EXPENSIVE tool solutions, I decided I was going to figure all of the programming and data statistics out myself. 

Along with this, I have been juggling language school, a social life, the beginning parts of my English teacher training, and the complex world of dating. It’s been stressful – and to top it off, I have been struggling with motivation because my mindset is that I want to enjoy my life and not always be in a hurry (for fear that my life will pass me by). But I’ve kept on. I continued to see the value in learning new things and bettering myself.

Then, today I figured out how to program the automated reports I’ve been wrestling with for months. Something that I was quoted by database engineers a few months ago as a SEVERAL thousand dollar project, I figured out myself – with zero prior “how to” knowledge. 

Here is the point, my friends. (Well, there are two actually.)

Part One.

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Period. If someone else has done it, you can definitely do it yourself. And you don’t have to be perfect during the whole process either!

Life is messy and challenging. It can be discouraging – you might hate life at times. But if you keep trying, if you persevere, you will get where you want to go! And it’s okay to lose motivation and not be perfect. It’s okay for the journey there to be a struggle. Just keep going and eventually things will start to make sense.

Part Two.

TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY YOU ARE THROWN. It might not be glamorous, it might not be your end goal – or where you really want to be. But is there value in it? Are you going to learn something, grow, maybe gain a new skill? The answer is usually YES. So take it. 

I took my job with a few less than desirable things associated with it (like lower pay, tax implications, and no promise of a sponsorship) . But I saw that I could develop a new marketable skill that will only help me in the future. I saw the value in a flexible schedule (so I could focus on my 800 other endeavors *eye roll*) and an opportunity to practice my Spanish in a professional setting, while meeting new people. It’s cool to see it slowly paying off!

Friends, we need to stop being too hard on ourselves. We have to quit being afraid to fail. This year, let’s make an effort together to just keep trying at whatever we are doing. Let’s try to seize our opportunities, even if the path is uncertain or we are unsure about ourselves. Let’s make an attempt to embrace the messy parts of the process and have faith that there is a light at the end of our tunnel. 

Alright now then, let’s go kick some ass. ️Cheers, homies! ❤

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