2019: A Decade Worth of Reflection.

When I look at who I was ten years ago, I see a young, clueless girl. Always overstressed, I had to be perfect at everything. I had to get this new adulting thing down! Super responsible, always working really hard. I was too tough on myself, and others. I did what I was told, I conformed to everyone else around me. I was insecure and had internal issues to work out. I didn’t know what I wanted. So much has changed…

This decade, I learned how to manage a multimillion dollar budget. About the inner workings of a communications network. I became an Excel expert and an entrepreneur. I figured out how to manage stress, how to let shit go! I quit a high paying job, worked at a coffee shop, and learned how a mountain guide company was run.

I got a mortgage, sold a house, got married, ended that same relationship, and grew my investment portfolio. I found out how to get a longterm visa for a different country. I realized what I wanted from life. I developed a voice – I stopped caring about everyone else’s opinion so damn much!

During this decade, I moved to a different state. I learned to climb, ski, and whitewater kayak. I skydived over an island and saw over 20 countries. I went ice caving, watched the northern lights, and kayaked with orca whales. I forgot what having a comfort zone is even like! Then, I moved across the world.

This decade, I learned how to love myself. I forgave myself for past mistakes. I let go of childhood trauma and shame. I forgave everyone. I moved passed everything.

In the 2010s, I learned to control my thoughts, how to find contentment internally, and how to see the lesson in every difficult situation. I found out that compassion and adjusting your perspective changes your life. I discovered that loving others IS the purpose of life.

And you know, out of all my lessons this decade, here’s what I found to be the most important:

Everyone, everywhere, we are all the same. It doesn’t matter the culture. We are all humans with super relatable qualities.

Taking calculated risks is what makes life fulfilling. It’s worth the joy you get at the end of the day. Safety is an false illusion, so embrace the danger (mitigate it as much as possible), but go for it! Stop holding yourself back because of fear. We have so much more potential than that!

Your outlook and perspective shape your entire world. You are in control. You decide what lens to view your life through. You aren’t a product of external factors (or anything that happens to you). You are simply a product of your own thoughts. So you decide what your world is like!

You don’t need anyone to complete you or make you feel whole. Only you can provide that for yourself. Doing things alone is an amazing, empowering experience. Learn to love yourself in all your flawed glory! Realize you have the power to do anything. Realize you deserve love. Because after all, you can’t fully love anyone else without loving yourself first.

As this new decade quickly approaches, I am looking forward to a little OUTRO-spection. Once we’ve done the work on ourselves internally, we can focus on bettering the lives of those around us. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling in the world than the idea of making someone else feel like they matter. So let’s remember to focus on loving each other a little more. Let’s remember to celebrate each other’s successes. Let’s listen to each other, hear each other out. And let’s realize we are all in this together.

What a decade, you guys! Cheers! Thanks so much for being there with me along the way.

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