Spain Update #2: Gratitude for My Fellow Humans

Life is a crazy, beautiful thing. I can’t stop pinching myself. I am living in a foreign place, learning a new language – I see new things every day. I’m uncertain about the future but open minded and excited about it. Things are hard at times and can get really stressful. Sometimes I think, “Why did I do this? This is hard and super uncomfortable!” And those are the times when lessons present themselves and make me a better person. I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude for all of it.

Okay! Now with all that said, I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not sure I’d feel quite as much gratitude if it wasn’t for all the connections I’ve made over here, big and small.

When we first came over, I was scared about meeting people – it felt exhausting. Looking back on those moments make me laugh because it’s so easy to meet people from all over the world in Barcelona. I connect with strangers every day. Living abroad has taught me that people from everywhere are super relatable and seeking the same goals in life as me (happiness), with humor and humility. It’s made me see that even if you don’t really know a person (even if that person is a complete stranger), the kindness and openness he/she can show you is really special. Realizing this makes being in a strange place so much easier.

To that end, I run into people I’ve met everywhere I go in Barcelona (almost like a small town feeling). It already feels like Barcelona is home. This feeling is important because it means that I can feel at home in any place with the help of personal connections and familiarity. And that right there is probably the most freeing realization of all!

So here’s to the strangers I meet in my classes, or at the discotheque, or at the pub, or on the plane! To the same guy I see everyday selling “agua, cerveza, water, beer” and the Irish bartender that always gives me pointers on getting a job. To my Spanish friends on Instagram helping me with language and fellow expat ladies from South America (holla’ Brazil & Argentina!) or Russia or Iran that dance the night away with me. Thanks for making me feel so connected with this world. ♥️

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