Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

If you’re like me, you are super hard on yourself. You always want to be the best, do your best – and the truth is that it’s impossible to be perfect. When we aren’t perfect, it’s easy to beat ourselves up about things. But this thinking does not serve us. We need to realize our potential and how amazing we are.

Here are some things to think about when you’re being too rough with yourself…

When you make a mistake: Don’t dwell on it. Assess the situation fully and see where you went wrong. Then, instead of thinking about how bad you suck, think about what you can learn from it. Did it make you stronger or wiser? What happened is in the past – forgive yourself and see the positives that came from that mistake. (And remember: If your mistake hurt someone else, apologize.)

When someone dislikes you: First, think to yourself, “Did I try my best with this person?” If you gave it your best shot, and they still don’t like you, realize that how they feel is their responsibility. Sometimes people’s energy clashes. Sometimes people are on a different part of the happiness road, and you all just don’t relate in your separate journeys. Anyone that dislikes others for no real reason has their own internal issues they need to work out. Refrain from taking it personally and accept the person for having their different perspective. Be grateful to that person for helping you gain a different perspective yourself.

If you realize that you didn’t try your best with this person, always apologize. Then acknowledge your mistakes (remembering everyone makes them) and move on.

When you are down on yourself about a situation: Remember who you are. You are that person for a reason. List out the great qualities about yourself. Do you have integrity, life long friends that love you, humility? Maybe you’ve helped a friend through an issue he/she was having, or you brought joy to someone’s life through your humor. Lay out all of the good things about yourself! Then, compare those qualities to the external influence that is making you feel bad. Chances are that whatever it is that’s causing you to be down on yourself was a result of a negative experience that didn’t serve you. Realize that you don’t deserve to continue with that situation or how it makes you feel – you deserve better.

Loving and accepting yourself is incredibly important because without that, you can’t truly accept or love others. You have been given your unique life and journey for a reason. Strive to be your best self, but do it positively. Be kind to yourself. You are an awesome person!!

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