On Those That Don’t Support Your Progress

As I’ve written more on the subject of happiness, I’ve gotten to chat with a few folks on their own journeys – as well as receive criticism regarding my views and personal experience. It’s been incredible to discover so many people that are also working on themselves (their mind) and also humbling to realize that this type of journey is not necessarily for those that aren’t ready to reach inside themselves or focus on positivity.

While chatting with one of my friends recently about how far she’s come introspectively and what she’s working through, it became clear to me that I’m not the only one dealing with unhealthy criticism along the way – people that you lose along the path, or those that doubt you, or just dislike you for your positivity. It comes with the territory when you really start seeking and finding some contentment in your life.

She was telling me about how as she’s found joy and positivity in her life, a few people she’s known and loved for years did not seem to want to take part in that. They stopped talking to her. She told me how some think she sounds ridiculous for reshaping her perspective and are unsupportive. This is a girl that is making a massively positive change in her life and creating opportunities for herself. Yet, these unhappy people are there nipping at her feet, trying to make her doubt herself.

It’s a funny thing about happiness. The happier you are, the more the miserable people will try to tear you down.

You have to be strong enough to deflect.

You have to be brave enough to have compassion for them.

You have to be humble enough to realize that they are trying to get to the same goal, which is a life of joy.

This is a truth that I have come to realize in my own life…

  • The happier you get, the more miserable/mean people will show you their distain for your joy.
  • The more miserable/mean people show you their distain for your joy, the more you’ll be repelled by the negative energy.
  • The more you’re repelled by the negative energy, the more positive you’ll become and the happier you’ll get.

This is why it is important to be grateful for everyone you’ve crossed paths with – especially the mean ones.

If you are trying to be the best person you can, and people are taking shots at you or spewing negativity at you, it means they are threatened by your happiness. It means that they are unhappy with themselves, and they can’t stand to see you comfortable. It isn’t a conscious decision to be upset with you (it’s not personal) – it’s the nature of an unhealthy mind. Wish them the best by remembering that they are just in a dark place. They are just on a different part of the same road you are navigating.

One of the most important things I’ve realized lately is that you can’t let the negativity toward you get you down. As I mentioned in my previous post, other people are responsbile for how they feel. That is not your business. Your job is to control how YOU feel. And if you feel good, you’re going the right direction. Keep it up, amigo! ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

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