Negative Self-Talk

Today I sat down wanting to write. I wanted to put down something profound, something about practicing compassion or showing vulnerability – to which I immediately thought “What the hell, Holly? You are not in a position to write about this. You really know nothing about those things!”

That got me thinking. How many times do I stop myself from doing things confidently and fearless due to negative self talk? And the list started building in my head. It happens a lot. “I can’t do this,” or “someone else is better…” Someone is always better, aren’t they?

We all struggle with this.

But the things is, the fact that we all have this hindering inner dialogue does not make it okay. It doesn’t make us humble or gracious. It makes us weak and insecure. We need to recognize when it happens and stop it – tell that voice that it is wrong. That we ARE good enough – that we can be brave and vulnerable. And once we accept ourselves, anything we do instantly becomes more beautiful. We become more beautiful.

It isn’t easy to change the way you think about things – I know this first hand. But the first step to fighting that devil on your shoulder is to simply RECOGNIZE it. Recognize the negative image you are creating about yourself inside your head. Then immediately shut it down. Make it a habit to do the very thing you are telling yourself you can’t do or aren’t worthy of.

So here I am, writing about self-love and doing things because you WANT to, NOT because you’re the best. And it’s honestly so freeing.

I’ll leave you with this question: What are you doing to limit yourself right now? No matter how small, decide what you want to do and just do it! For you. ❤

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